About Jenni's


At 16 years old, with working papers in hand, I was hired for my first job in a small cafe


Now after 30+ years of working in Food Service I've come full circle.  I'm so excited to bring my experience to a place of my own!


Preparing food and family gatherings have always played a major role in my life as far back as I can remember!  Growing up as the oldest of 7 children, the house was always filled with lots of talking and laughter.  I have always loved to cook and most of what I have learned came from cooking and baking beside my mother growing up.  I love that I can now pass that love down to my daughter and even my grandson!  Zachary loves cooking with his Mia.
In addition to our large assortment of Classic favorites, I've also created a special Healthy Selections menu.

I'm a health and fitness enthusiast and a Certified Dietary Manager as well as a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member. When it comes to eating and enjoying food, I believe in enjoying everything in moderation and having a balanced diet . . . which is why my menu features "Healthy and Indulgent".
Thank you for visiting my website, I look forward to seeing you at the Cafe!